20180809-HDR-LA-Headshot-021My name is Armita Lor Kalantari and I am a  Certified Life Coach. I’m a firm believer in human potential. Nothing is impossible, the only limit to our potential is ourselves. Therefore, I specialize in consulting with private clients , profit and non-profit organizations , and businesses to create lasting breakthroughs to help in any future endeavors they aspire to.

Thirteen years prior to this, I was living in Iran where I was a professional inline figure skater. However, I was not allowed to compete worldwide, because I was a woman. With the love and support of my coach, Sepideh, who was like a surrogate mother to me, I moved to the United States to pursue my dream of being the best skater in the world.

I wrote to her for a year; every day after my practice in the United States. It was the only time of day which I had so much enthusiasm to write about my accomplishments of the day in the areas of school, learning a new language, a new culture and new tricks on skates.

In 2006, I found out that Sepideh had Leukemia, my world was crushed and all my motivation to skate stopped right then and there.

When Sepideh passed away, I grieved for two years. But, one day I woke up and decided to not let unexpected events control me and my life. This was when I fully took responsibility and started painting a canvas to a new life.

In 2009, I began studying architecture at Cal Poly Pomona, and it was here that I started to find a greater meaning in my life again. As I pursued my career as an Architect, I strived to be able to build a better environment for our next generation.

Now, after having practiced Architecture for the past 6 years, I’ve discovered my passion has grown beyond designing and building our physical environment, that in fact, I have developed a profound interest in humanity and its nature. Through many years of self-education I’ve shifted my thinking to the spiritual aspect of the human experience and the need for self-discovery and personal growth.

My unique background had equipped me to understand the many facets of how people flourish in their lives. I was a professional inline figure skater in Iran, and also am a Licensed Architect and a regular contributor of self-improvement articles and poetry at InstaBeing. With these unique set of acquired skills, combined with a lifelong passion for self-improvement, I’m following my passion of helping people nationally to achieve their dreams.