The Four Habits that Degrades Relationships

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What separates a great relationship from an average relationship? The difference between great and good may boil down to detrimental Habits developed over a period of time that one may be completely unaware of. Thus, it is the extreme importance to acknowledge and gain a greater understanding of these bad habits so that they don’t overrun one’s life. It is not enough just to understand these habits, but to replace these habits, and the only way to do this is by going against what feels natural, and breaking the patterns of unhealthy daily routines and behaviors that may be corroding our lives and relationships.

Habit #1: Not Being Mindfully Present

The Best leaders are the ones who are proactively present in conversations with intention of gaining a deep understanding of someone else’s need. This creates trust and a safe environment for others to communicate freely and in an open way. One effective technique to stay engaged and listen empathically is to change your intent from replying to understanding

Habit #2: Having a Scarcity Mentality   

The need for winning and proofing one’s self-worth comes from an underlying insecurity which feeds off of manipulating others. Developing an abundance mentality helps to transform us by t urging us to share recognition and be genuinely happy for someone else’s success. This creates a collaborative and nourishing environment for everyone to develop. 


Habit #3: Failing to express gratitude

The real essence of an effective relationship is acknowledging and valuing other people’s effort and good work. By showing gratitude, you are promoting positivity and the values you admire about someone. This allows us to recreate the conditions that promote a natural fluidity in your everyday interactions.


Habit #4: Being Reactive

Confronting reality, taking responsibility and apologizing is the most powerful tool to help us relate to others. Start being proactive by taking control of what’s happening in your life,  which in turn, creates a positive energy that influences the quality of your life and your relationships in a better way.