A Radical Decision to Change

Photo by Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash.jpgPhoto by Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash

It’s 5am in the morning. I must get up now or my mind will talk me out of it. I usually let the voice in my head take over my mornings. There might be a chance that she has something more important or interesting to say. To be honest though, I’ve never heard anything empowering from her. Everything she tells me revolves around staying comfortable and secure.

“Let’s sleep in today. What’s the point of waking up early? Not today, I’ll start going to gym tomorrow. Let’s watch TV instead of going for a walk.”

Human beings are hardwired for a steady state and that is an element that has kept us alive for ages. The nature of our inner voice is to protect us from changing at any cost, because it wants to avoid the unknown result.

Here are two methods to change our old way of being and rise beyond our limiting beliefs to shape a newer version of ourselves.

Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable

Once we learn to deal with discomfort and to just ease into it, we create a life full of possibilities and abundance. Getting used to how that adrenaline feels like is important. So, challenge yourself to face your fears, learn something new which you don’t know how to do. If you are scared of heights, take parachuting and skydiving classes. Scared of water, get into water and take swimming classes.

Being uncomfortable means that you are growing, remember just because it feels uncomfortable does not mean that it is harming you. Walk into your fears, I challenge you to do one thing that causes your palms to sweat every day. At the end of this practice you’ll become a new idea, a new self, by removing the limiting and discouraging voice within you.

The Anatomy of Belief

Usually our fears are larger than our faith. The second method to creating a long lasting change is to train your thoughts in a more positive and empowering way. Remember you and your mind work together as a single entity, so it’s very important to know how your thoughts work or where they are coming from.

Here are the 3 ways you can turn your thoughts into reality.

1.0  Acceptance – Bring self-Awareness to your limiting thoughts and accept that you are open to change.

2.0  Belief – Truly believe that you are capable of the change. Stay determined because what you have decided is the only way of being.

3.0  Surrender – Let go of the past limiting beliefs, and live your new being every moment of your time.

With these three elements you access the power of suggestibility. You not only think that you can do something but you fully accept an entire new way of being. I do this through meditating on daily basis for 20 minutes to become more aware of my physical and mental state. By practicing meditation, I learn to not only control my thoughts, but I also become aware of them. So, reject the thought of being insecure; start believing and trusting in the power of your abilities from within.

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