The Exceptional Work Culture and their Life Coach: Why Coaching Matters

Why is one employee twice more productive than another? How can organizations shift their work culture to the next level, so all employees are as productive and fulfilled as possible?

A company’s work culture is the litmus by which we can measure the overall social health of an organization. It has the capacity to stir the level of work a company produces. A company’s culture is shaped over many years via a “soup” of experiences, values and belief systems of every employee at a company. This includes the entire hierarchy of a company’s organizational structure, from the uppermost leadership to the first year intern.

Why is work culture so important?

Work culture is everything. If an employee’s values align with the organization’s values, then it’s easy for the employee to perform at their best, because there is no conflict of values to deal with internally.

Conflict of values can create dispassionate employees. When employees lack a passion or purpose to what they are doing, then an organization is put in a position to underperform on a large scale. Here are four reasons why organizations can suffer from such employees:

  • Unsatisfied employees are not motivated to be productive
  • Unsatisfied employees are toxic and can often create a ripple effect where their behaviors can influence the morale, mood, and productivity of other employees
  • Unsatisfied employees may affect the brand of a company by taking their negativity outside the organization to current and future customers.
  • A Negative work culture can create a blockage for attracting top talent

It’s not whether this level of work culture dissatisfaction will cost the organization to lose good employees, it’s rather how many employees and how often will turnover occur. This is critical to the financial health of a company because of the high cost of recruiting new hires, training them, and continually having to compensate new employees at higher market values.

Sometimes, leaders running an organization, or the human resource department are far too busy to provide a consistent level of mentorship to ensure consistent employee success. Success is not necessarily just achieving a final result, but rather operating within a sustainable internal process, as a set of overarching life skills to achieve daily results. Top organizations are thinking outside the box and are beginning to focus more on the tools of self-development to improve the productivity of companies. A life coach can consistently be the medium to implement this tool effectively, and consistently.

Here are 4 different ways that a Life Coach can improve the professional and personal health of employees:

  1. Creating positive Influencers
  2. Awakening core values
  3. Creating effective decision makers
  4. Creating Transformative Goal Setters


Creating Positive Influencers


From the most toxic to the most inspiring people in a room, there is some sort of influence we all have on our surroundings. Organizations need more inspiring people; the energy is contagious and helps motivate everyone around to be more productive. The challenge is not to create a room full of inspiring people, but rather, if we raise the level of positivity of each employee by even a single percent, the impact on an organization of 500 people can be tremendous.

How do we increase our impact in a positive way? This can be done through shifting an employee’s focus from one that is negative to the one that is positive instead. A life coach can help to bring greater awareness to scenarios that may trigger negative emotions. Once this is identified, the tools to create a change in one’s emotional state is easy. This can be done by learning how to change one’s focus, internal and external dialog, and one’s own physiology.

As employee can practice this method on a daily basis by meeting with their Coach to share their experiences, then over time, a habit of creating positive influences on others will develop. This can shift the whole culture of an organization to another level, where every individual is a positive influence to all of their colleagues around them.


Awakening Core Values


Success is an external measure, but fulfillment is an internal measure of success. Fulfillment comes from knowing who you are and knowing your values. All individuals feel more fulfilled once they know that the value they are adding to their work aligns closely to personal values that they may live by.

A Life Coach can help the employees understand on a deeper level, who they are and subsequently define their values and belief system and how they can be applied to their day to day work. This is extremely important to an individual’s ability to make effective decisions.

Creating Effective Decision Makers


Procrastination and inefficiency can be traced back to not being able to make decisions and to prioritize needs. Sometimes in one’s life, there are many things to be accomplished and many decisions that need to be made for a business or one’s personal life. This can become overwhelming if one doesn’t have the life skills to manage the situation effectively. Through categorizing and creating a list of priorities aligned with one’s values, a person’s decision making process can become much more effective and efficient.

What is often overlooked in someone’s life can mean everything with respect to success or failure.  Life Coaches allow you to not overlook things and spot them for you. They allow you to get consistent results through a consistent process of making progress that is measurable, fun, and simple. This can get employees and their organizations from where they are to where they want to be.


Creating Transformative Goal Setters


If someone decides to make lasting changes in their lives, one needs to commit and take massive action. If this doesn’t work, then they must try again and keep taking further massive actions to find a way to reach their target. What this does is create momentum. Once momentum in one’s life is gained, then transformation is inevitable.

There are many seminars and workshops that an organization can provide for the employees. But that strategy can often be short lived with respect to motivation and true long term transformation.  Meeting with a Life Coach on a consistent basis can change this. They will not only help the employees set goals and create an action plan, but they will also be a constant resource for supportive tools, advice, and strategies that can be applied towards creating a long-term transformation.


In Closing

A company’s success is based on the performance of their employees. On the flip side, the performance of employees is highly dependent on how much the company is valuing their work and the employees themselves as human beings. Hiring a Life Coach for the employees can show that these latter core values matter to the organization and its culture.

2 thoughts on “The Exceptional Work Culture and their Life Coach: Why Coaching Matters

  1. Great that you draw attention to the multitude of benefits that life coaching can bring to the work place here Armita! Thanks for sharing! I am a Creative Life Coach with a poetry blog and today’s here is today’s in case you have time to look?
    I am also on Instagram as #coachingcreatively, let’s follow each other if you use this medium? You can also find me on Facebook under Sam Allen wearing a bright red and orange hat!
    I love connecting with fellow creatives as you can see!
    Sunny greetings from Switzerland!
    Sam 🙂


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