Hero of My Stories


There are things that I’ve always wanted to do

But there are so many voices telling me what to do

Do it this way, can’t get it quite right

It has to be perfect, let’s give up the fight



As I delve further into the origin of this child

Can’t find the opposing voice in my mind

Never gave up on my right to try

I wanted to walk, talk and grow in the blink of an eye


I would constantly try when I failed

With a tiny body but an eternal spirit yet to be unveiled

Kept trying till one day I stood tall

Cheers went on and everyone told me I’m the best in all



Today nobody cheers anymore

It’s expected of me to be a hero in this store

I made some new friends in my head

Mostly enemies, with many reasons to hate



I have a choice to not rely on other’s cheers

It’s me who made it through all my fears




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