Constant Fear


Once there was a deer  

Chased by wolves that quickly appeared 

Fight or flight, ran for her life in an endless fear 

 Blood rushed through the head of this deer 

As she is safe, with no footsteps to hear 

She slowed down once again as a cheerful deer 


A sense of worrying doesn’t exist in her nature 

Nothing in the past reminds her the fear of failure 

She lives every second in cheer 

But ready to encounter when the time is here  




My friend carries through her life just like that deer 

But replaces her life with a constant fear  

She always evokes her life despairs 

 Through her daily tears while gasping for air 


The difference lays in the power of living  

Letting the mind and body immerse in their being  

One lives a life full of adventure  

The other is paralyzed by the thought of how to overcome this venture

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