Gilroy – El Paso – Dayton


Highlighting my feelings of loss

The sorrow and pain of mankind


غم و اندوهِ مردمِ من

 چه قدر از کینه و نفرت بشنوم من

کجاست عشق مابین مردمِ من؟


I hear about hatred most of the time

Where is love amongst humankind?

Innocent lives want to explore life

But one decides to end those lives,

I refuse to let any words of hatred enter my mind

Yet that’s the emphasis of our kind

I focus on what I want to see more

To appreciate the loving and kind world


نمیزارم پر شه مغزم از نامهربانی در این دنیا

باور همیشگی دارم به عشق و محبت مابینِ مردمِ دنیا

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