An Unkind Judgement


I was walking when I came upon an observation

Heard two talking out of envy and frustration

Gossiping spirits trying to destroy someone’s reputation

Only to feed self-ego and one’s own worthy avocation

So, I learned from their conversation

That a negative image of others is the mind’s creation

The mind creates biased accusations

An Unkind Judgement is one’s own self-reflection


زندگیِ بقیه نیست داستانِ شبِ من 

قضاوت و غیبت هست دروغِ محض شباهنگ 

نشستن دوره هم بر مبحث غیبت

چه نفعی دارد بدگویی از هم؟

بجز الود کردنِ اندیشه و گفتار و کردارِ هم 

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