A Sore Soul


Photo by Christopher Sardegna on Unsplash

I sit silently with a sore soul

There is stranger entering my shore

Knock.. knock .. I decide to ignore

Who is it knocking at my old door?

The voice says “it’s me, nobody more”

I don’t want to listen to me anymore

What is it that you’re here for?

“I thought you’d need me once more”

Leave, I can’t let you enter my door

Why not, you’re scared? I deplore

I don’t need your favor

There is no time to explore




Years past and the door stayed closed

The gateway to a self-discovery was transposed

Self-disruption and harsh words

Caused the inner voice to aboard

When the empty life was imposed

The search for meaning was postponed


Walking through lonely life

Rather not to remind our inner voice inside

To create a conflict in our mind

And a curiosity that makes us question this life

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